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You've come to the right place. Credit Union eLearning is where you can count on getting the most comprehensive, cost-effective credit union-specific training on the internet.

Besides low cost, why Credit Union eLearning?

We have more than 100 credit union-specific courses that include:

  • Required compliance content

    With Credit Union eLearning, you never have to worry about having current federal regulations covered effectively.

  • Interactive exercises

    Credit Union eLearning courses are designed to involve learners by enabling them to interact with the course content through a variety of learning devices, including matching exercises, drag-and-drop exercises and progress checks.

  • Behavior-modeling scenarios

    Learners get to see real-life credit union scenes that model the different behaviors being taught. This kind of behavior modeling helps learners understand what knowledge and behaviors are required to be successful in their jobs.

  • Situational simulations

    Simulations are a unique feature of Credit Union courses. The learner is presented with members asking questions or seeking services. Questions are then posed about the transactions, forcing learners to think as though they were actually on the job. Their answers trigger immediate feedback on their behavior. These simulations provide learners with virtual credit union experiences designed to enhance their knowledge and performance.

  • Easy navigation

    Learners never get lost in a Credit Union eLearning course. With an intuitive interface, learners move from one subject to the next without requiring them to do anything other than click a mouse, drag an object to its proper place or answer a question.

  • Bookmarking

    Because learners don't always have time to complete a course, the system automatically remembers where they were when they left a course. The next time the learner starts the course, he or she returns directly to the same place to resume learning.

  • Practical length

    Credit Union eLearning courses are designed so they can be worked easily into every employee's work week without interrupting the normal work flow. You're no longer without key employees while they are "away at school."

    Bottom line — practical length means learner success.

  • Automatic content updates

    Nothing stays the same and that is particularly true in financial services. Since deregulation first started in the 1980s, regulations and the industry have been changing on a regular basis.

    The courses offered by Credit Union eLearning are updated regularly and automatically to reflect those changes.

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